Who We Serve

Origin Medical EXAM ASSISTANTTM (OMEA) enables healthcare professionals to streamline and improve workflow efficiencies and make confident decisions by seamlessly integrating into their existing clinical workflows.


Streamline exam workflow, reduce repetitive keystrokes, and ergonomic stress for sonographers with OMEATM as a trusted companion to improve productivity.

Conduct a thorough anatomical assessment aligned with fetal gestational age with ease.
Ensure diagnostic quality of images that are compliant with the practice guidelines.

Reading Physicians

Make informed care decisions backed by AI-driven insights. Enhance the quality of care and instill confidence in every decision made.

Make confident decisions based on qualitative and consistent clinical interpretations, and reducing turn-around time.
Reduced occurrence of impartial reports or missing information, reducing the number of recalls.

Health Systems

Manage higher patient volumes effortlessly while providing expectant mothers and their care teams with the best experience possible. With OMEATM cater to more patients without compromising on the quality of care or the physicians’ wellbeing.

Improve patient satisfaction and trust with consistent and high-level quality care throughout their pregnancy.
OMEA's enhanced workflow efficiency and accuracy reduces turnaround time and increases patient throughput.
Experience a seamless integration into your workflow, allowing you to prioritize patient care while maintaining the highest standards and completeness of prenatal ultrasound examinations.
Significantly boost reading confidence for sonographers and ultrasound specialists alike, strengthening collaborative confidence in patient care.