Origin Medical Research Lab: Intersection of AI and Healthcare

Origin Medical Media
May 09, 2024

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, May 9, 2024 — Origin Medical, a pioneer in advancing AI in prenatal care, has announced the launch of Origin Medical Research Lab, a research arm that sits at the heart of Origin Medical's innovation ecosystem.

“We are bringing together best-in-class talent in AI and healthcare, alongside robust infrastructure and resources, to foster technological innovations in prenatal care.” said Sripad Krishna Devalla, Ph.D., co-founder and CTO of Origin Medical.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the Origin Medical Research Lab is dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest minds at the intersection of AI and healthcare to fulfill Origin Medical’s mission to advance maternal health equity across the globe.

“We are an AI-first company. The establishment of Origin Medical Research Lab aims to accelerate our research efforts to advance the entire industry forward with breakthroughs in AI development. We’ve shown AI’s potential to address the maternal health crisis and support healthcare providers in providing quality care for every expecting mother.” said Jens Thang, co-founder and CEO of Origin Medical.

About Origin Medical

Origin Medical, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is driven by a mission to advance maternal health equity by improving access to quality prenatal care with artificial intelligence.

By combining the knowledge of healthcare and AI, it is on a journey to build state-of-the-art solutions aimed at supporting a broad spectrum of healthcare providers in rural and urban communities, allowing them to practice at the top of their licenses. With AI in the imaging workflow, clinicians can more confidently deliver timely interventions, enhance pregnancy outcomes, identify high-risk pregnancies to reduce maternal mortality, and significantly lower infant mortality rates.

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