Origin Health is Now a Part of the TMC Innovation Accelerator to Advance Prenatal Care

Origin Health Media
January 5, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, June 23, 2022 — Origin Health,  a pioneer in advancing AI in prenatal care, has announced their acceptance in the Texas Medical Center Innovation (TMCi) Accelerator for Health Tech Spring 2022 Cohort.

The Texas Medical Center (TMC), comprising over 60 esteemed member institutes, serves as a hub for collaboration and innovation within the healthcare industry. Through its collaborative efforts, TMC accelerates the progress of health technology companies, pushing the frontiers of healthcare delivery to new heights. 

“Origin Health is excited to be a part of TMCi and engage with the world’s largest medical city to democratize the global standard of care for every expectant mother by bringing expert-level prenatal screening to them.” said Dr. Sripad Krishna Devalla, co-founder and CTO of Origin Health. 

The TMC Innovation Accelerator offers a unique platform for participant companies, facilitating the convergence of diverse perspectives from payers, providers, regulatory bodies, reimbursement agencies, and seasoned health tech entrepreneurs. This collaborative environment fosters innovation and empowers companies to scale their solutions effectively.

“Origin Health recognizes the significance of being part of the thriving Houston health tech landscape facilitated by TMC Innovation.” said Jens Thang, co-founder and CEO of Origin Health. “By connecting with top minds in science and medicine across TMC’s member institutions, we aim to contribute to the advancement of maternal health equity by improving access to quality prenatal care with AI.”

About Origin Health

Origin Health, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is driven by a mission to advance maternal health equity by improving access to quality prenatal care with artificial intelligence. 

By combining the knowledge of healthcare and AI, it is on a journey to build state-of-the-art solutions aimed at supporting a broad spectrum of healthcare providers in rural and urban communities, allowing them to practice at the top of their licenses. With AI in the imaging workflow, clinicians can more confidently deliver timely interventions, enhance pregnancy outcomes, identify high-risk pregnancies to reduce maternal mortality, and significantly lower infant mortality rates.